2004 BECE English Questions – Lexis and structure

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or expression in each sentence.

11. Mary’s mother is confident that her daughter will win a prize.

A. anxious
B. proud
C. certain
D. determined

12. The troops retreated when they were attacked

A. escaped
B. scattered
C. fought
D. withdrew

13. Our teacher advised us to be courteous always.

A. punctual
B. mannerly
C. hard-working
D. kind

14. All latecomers were promptly punished.

A. immediately
B. mercilessly
C. roughly
D. severely

15. We should all learn to restrain our anger.

A. avoid
B. control
C. apply
D. delay

In each of the following sentences a group of words has be been underlined. choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined words.

16. The two brothers are always quarreling: they never see eye to eye. This means they do not……….each other.

A. agree with
B. admire
C. respect
D. trust

17. You must be off your head if you really believe that the moon is a huge cake. This means that you must be……….

A. crazy
B. joking
C. unintelligent
D. dreaming

18. Amale does not earn much, but she has some money put by. This means Amale has some money……….

A. to live on
B. for charity
C. saved for the future
D. to pay her children ‘s fees.

19. Several passengers were killed in the accident, but the driver escaped by the skin of his teeth. This means that the driver……….

A. missed death narrowly
B. lost all his teeth
C. ran into the bush
D. had only a scratch on his skin.

20. When the armed robbers could no longer fight the police, they gave in. this means the armed robbers……….

A. Fled
B. surrendered
C. shot themselves
D. cried for help

From the list of words lettered A to D , choose the one which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence.

21. The prefect was commended for his good work.

A. admired
B. promoted
C. rejected
D. rebuked

22. The teacher’s stern looks helped maintain discipline in the class.

A. proud
B. indifferent
C. friendly
D. concerned

23. Our Assemblyman had declined our invitations to talk to us.

A. registered
B. denied
C. rejected
D. accepted

24. Though her friend asked for some water, Divine callously drank all of it.

A. mercifully
B. greedily
C. playfully
D. intentionally

25. Rain makes the soil moist for planting

A. fertile
B. loose
C. solid
D. dry

From the alternatives A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

26. The students can go home when they………. the work

A. had finished
B. finished
C. finish
D. will finished

27. Most people are not kind to animals, ……….?

A. weren’t it
B. isn’t it
C. wasn’t
D. are they

28. Afua………. her clothes on the line to dry.

A. hung
B. folder
C. hang
D. stretched

29. Kwesi went to school after he………. his teeth

A. had brushed
B. has brushed
C. brushing
D. brushed

30. Kate is the………. pupil in her class.

A. well-behaved
B. more-behaved
C. very well-behaved
D. most well-behaved

31. A bag of money, with some documents………. stolen from the car.

A. were
B. are
C. was
D. have been

32. It is necessary sometimes to resort………. violence.

A. through
B. to
C. into
D. with

33. Clara understood all………. her teacher taught.

A. what
B. which
C. that
D. this

34. Ali agrees that the rice project is………. good

A. so
B. much
C. too
D. very

35. Charles does not expect………. his teacher today.

A. seeing
B. having seen
C. being seen
D. to see

36. Kweku thinks that life is difficult………. you are old.

A. if
B. while
C. when
D. as

37. Many countries………. the world use English.

A. across
B. inside
C. by
D. on

38. Do you like this dress? I made………. myself.

A. for
B. that
C. which
D. it

39. Ashanti Goldfields is the………. of gold.

A. nation‘s produce largest
B. largest nation‘s producer
C. producer nation’s largest
D. nation‘s largest producer

40. Neither Kwesi nor Yaw………. there when I got to the house.

A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were

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